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Could you be saving hours?
Do you feel like you should be getting more out of activeCollab?

We Can Help You Save time. Avoid headaches. Maximize your workflow inside and outside activeCollab.

Sometimes we are too close to our own businesses—to see the solutions that are right in front of us. That’s what Rock Your Workflow! Consulting is all about. To give you the best solutions, we objectively help you solve your business and project management needs, by applying our creativity and experience with your unique knowledge of your business.

What is Rock Your Workflow! Consulting?

It’s an in-depth consulting session with pre-session development and post-session follow up where we:

  • Assess if you’re getting everything you can out of activeCollab in order to optimize your workflow.
  • Shape activeCollab so it’s as efficient as possible for your business.
  • Determine how to leverage activeCollab to work for you (not against you).
  • Find solutions together. If they don’t already exist, we can build them.
  • Talk about your key pain points of working with activeCollab, and envision a workflow that minimizes those thorns in your side.
  • Pinpoint and fix nuances about your workflow that will change everything.
  • Even beyond activeCollab, we can recommend web app, add-ons and other tools that would complement your workflow.
  • Give you the “a-ha” moment.

Outside clarity, inside perspective

When our clients are inside their own businesses, they have the intricate knowledge of their day to day business—but they don’t always have the clarity that an outsider can have. It’s easy to overlook how inefficiently we are using activeCollab because it’s so flexible. Often, the biggest limitation is letting the software shape the workflow … instead of shaping the software to FIT the workflow. It’s all about efficiency!

activecollab consultingIn a recent blog post, Seth Godin said:

Go find a geek. Someone who understands gmail, Outlook, Excel and other basic tools. Pay her to sit next to you for an hour and watch you work. Then say, “tell me five ways I can save an hour a day.”

At Rock your Workflow, we are those geeks, and there is nothing we love more than saving you hours in your day.

Find out how with our starter session.

We make sure our clients get value, and know the “more” they can get out of activeCollab.

Ready to Rock Your Workflow?

Get started today for $500

A great choice for on-going help, let us create a custom package to guide you through any recommendations and improvements!

What others are saying

“Thank you so much for what you did, I was majorly stressed and my day was nuts!”

“I really appreciate your valuable tips on how to get our team members to embrace activeCollab, we’re much more productive than we used to be!”


What you’ll get in your Rock Your Workflow! Consulting Session:

  • A pre-call/email survey to help us understand the key areas of your business that need attention so we can spend every minute of your call on the important stuff!
  • Dedicated time with a Workflow Rockstar, familiar with activeCollab from day-to-day use — this means real world experience. (Sessions via Phone, Webcall or Skype)
  • Creative ideas and solutions, both on-the-spot creative problem solving as well as tried and tested solutions used with other organizations and companies.
  • Private/Professional Analysis – We’ll review your real use of activeCollab and pinpoint problem areas.
  • Demo 3rd Party Modules – A team with intimate knowledge of most key 3rd party modules who can demo these modules for you in real time to recommend or evaluate for your needs.
  • Most importantly — Someone outside your environment who can see things objectively and suggest solutions and workarounds that will make your life easier!
  • All Sessions also include a Recording of your Call and a Quick Summary so you can easily recap the main highlights of your session.

Our goal is to trigger many “a-ha” moments during our work together. We will make sure you get VALUE from your Rock Your Workflow! Session. You’ll be satisfied with the results, or we’ll just keep going until you are!

Get started today for just $500

Guaranteed to Rock Your Workflow!


A great choice for on-going help, ask us about custom packages — let us guide you through any recommendations and improvements!

We can also help you with:

  1. Tutorials & training sessions.
  2. Ongoing monthly support.
  3. Module development & Consulting.

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activecollab consulting
Guaranteed to Rock Your Workflow!
We will make sure you get VALUE from your Rock Your Workflow! Session. You’ll be satisfied with the results, or we’ll just keep going until you are!