Updates on the New & Improved Quickify

Quickify’s New — Menu Only Version

  1. Menu Only Version – This is the new default version of Quickify, streamlined to load more quickly, be less intrusive if you want to just take action and don’t need the extra Preview information available by default. You can still quickly get to the Full Version by clicking on the Preview or + More links which will expand the Full View on demand. The default menu Only or Full View is a global setting allowing the Admin to set which version is default for all users.
  2. Preview — This link opens an overview of the Ticket or Task that you are Quickifying, showing you details like who is subscribed, excerpt from the body content, any attachments that might be part of the Ticket, Last comment and more. See a screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/FhUKcP3QQ
  3. Edit – This feature takes you to the full Edit page for any major editing of the TIcket information
  4. Quick Edit — A great tool for quickly editing key details easily. See screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/nQXFAGTzS
  5. Quick Reply – Now you can quickly send a new message or reply to the Ticket from the Dashboard or any view in activeCollab, i.e. following up on a late task, replying to let someone know an update of your work on the task, etc. See a screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/AuLnQduBnDoE
  6. Move/Copy – This feature allows you to quickly move/copy a ticket to another Project (or the same project to duplicate it). The move/copy page is opened to complete the process.
  7. Add File –– This is an advanced version of the Quick Reply page allowing the ability to add a file along with your comment. This happens inside Quickify but works the same as the main comment feature in the Ticket view. If you are Quick Replying or Adding a File via the Quickify view for Tasks, this will automatically associate the comment to the Ticket, while making a note about the associated Task. See screenshot for the Task version of the Add File screen: http://screencast.com/t/WOCCvuGL00h
  8. Add Task — Forget loading the whole ticket just to add another Task to the associated Ticket, click Add Task and Quickify allows you to assign a new task from any Ticket or Task link and it automatically associates it to the related Ticket. See a screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/Yald9lj2LH
  9. More – Like the Preview link, "more" extends Quickify’s menu only version to the Full View to access any additional buttons needed for advanced features and to view the preview of the Ticket. Additional features include Complete/Reopen, Last Comment, View Tasks, Go to Ticket and Trash/Restore. The more button allows us to keep Quickify’s most commonly used view clean and simple while still keeping advanced features just 1-click away.
  10. Visual Options – Toggle the Menu Only view to your choice of Text Only, Icons Only or Text and Icons view (default) — it’s your personal preference, we love the handy icons and text combined but you can streamline your Quickify to fit your needs.
  11. Close – Done with Quickify? Just click the X or use your ESC key for you shortcut types to close Quickify and get back to other work.

Quickify’s Preview or Full View

  1. Preview or Full View — This view is the one available from Quickify by either hovering in Full View mode on a link, or by selecting the Preview link from the Menu Only view in Quickify
  2. Ticket Title – This shows the Ticket Title along with a more subtle reference to the original ticket creation info like Creator’s name, Category, Creation Date/Time
  3. Due Date — Similar to other areas in activeCollab you’ll see a relative date i.e. Due in 2 days, or the full date if it’s outside of the relative date range — at anytime you can hover the "Due in 2 Days" text to see the full date as well.
  4. Related Project – Shown here as Demo Project, you can quickly review the related project and also navigate to the project overview page.
  5. Main Ticket Body — This information will show the main ticket body and if applicable any attachments added to the ticket in the description area.
  6. Ticket # – This shows the Ticket’s Number inside this project.
  7. Email ID# – This id is displayed in the way activeCollab uses to route emails using the Incoming Mail feature, you can copy the {ID5} to the subject of any email and send to the default Incoming Mail address to have your email attached to the Ticket. The Send an email to this Ticket link automates this process by opening an email addressed to your Incoming Mail address and including the ID in the subject by default.
  8. Last Comment — This feature loads the last comment on a ticket into your Quickify View to save time wasted by loading the full ticket and scrolling to the last comment, you can also Quick Reply from this view! See a screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/NawNMlQND
  9. View Tasks — This link takes you to the Ticket view and scrolls the page directly to the Tasks area to quickly review any tasks already added to the Ticket. You can also continue to add new tasks from that view.
  10. Go to Ticket — Just a standard link to the Ticket View when you need to see the whole ticket in context outside of Quickify, this should be rare! :)
  11. Add Time / View Time – Quickly log time directly to a ticket or task you are viewing in Quickify, a lightbox will appear with the time entry details — also great for viewing existing time logs tracked to this ticket. See a screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/RkKVY1XXPA
  12. Trash/Restore — For quickly getting rid of unneeded tickets or tasks, or restoring them from the Recent Activities view if you accidentally trashed it!
  13. Complete/Reopen — Quickly complete or reopen a Task or Ticket when viewing in Quickify without having to access the Ticket Page.
  14. Manage/Add Assignees — Quickly move to the Quick Edit screen and make updates to the Assignees
  15. Manage/Add Subscribers — Quickly Subscribe/Unsubscribe users from a Ticket with this Lightbox pop up. See screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/By6v7ljr86l

New Quickify Admin Updates

  1. Hover Style – The newest edition of Quickify now features a sleek Menu Only version, but you’re still able to choose between the original Full View if you prefer
  2. Sensitivity, Interval and Timeout — These features are set by default in Quickify but some of our customers have requested to tailor these settings for their needs, much more crucial to the Full View than the new Menu Only view these settings control Quickify’s Hover Intent features that predict if you are really interested in seeing Quickify based on the speed and other variables of the mouse’s travel when hovering or passing over links.
  3. System Roles – With the huge productivity improvements that Quickify has introduced for Administrator and Project managers, many of our users wanted to roll out Quickify to their full team which requires some customization of the features available to the user based on their System Role and also your own preference — i.e. what makes Quickify work best for each user from Client , Developers, and others. Now you can minimize the features available to the role system wide, to remove features like Move/Copy from being visible since the user wont have permission to use these. Or disable everything except Quick Reply to prevent confusion for less advanced users.

Role Management For Quickify Features

  1. System Role — Based on the System Roles you can toggle the visibility of each feature from the Quickify Full View or Menu Only versions
  2. Toggle Settings — Inspired by our Team Privacy module, you can toggle between the Checkmark to make a feature visible or the Stop Sign to hide a feature from this Role. Keep in mind this only controls visibility of the features, permissions are still controlled via the main Role settings in activeCollab’s default configuration. i.e. Move/Copy buttons being visible to users without Move/Copy privileges will result in an error message or no activity. See more on Roles here