This overview will show you the updated features and improvements to Team Privacy

Role Based Configuration

  1. Profile Privacy – These options give you full control over what users in this Role i.e. Client Company Manager can see about other users. Creating privacy for any information here is as easy as clicking to toggle the checkmark or stop sign icon to show or hide the related information.
  2. Feature Privacy — These options give you specific control over features of activeCollab that you may want or need to hide in order to create the layer of privacy you would like to have for your team, clients, vendors, etc. When you first install Team Privacy and select your preferred settings in the Quick Start settings or in the Profile Privacy settings above, we will automatically make some of these feature private in order to best produce the privacy you are hoping for while you are getting things setup. i.e. If you choose to make the Company info private — Company Profiles, People Profiles and the People Tabs in both the Top Navigation and in the Projects Tabs will be made private (i.e. be removed, or inaccessible with a custom defined message). The reason for this is that the Company name appears many times in these various locations so to minimize the potential Company Name exposure these sections will not be accessible. To more thoroughly make the company names private, we recommend setting up an Alias name for each company in your activeCollab that you want to make private. When a company alias is entered i.e. Developers, or Customer Service Dept — users who have "company" marked private for their role will see the Company Alias instead of the company name. Your client for example will see Joe Smith in the company Developers vs Joe Smith’s real company name to give you that layer of privacy between your contract team and the client, or any privacy layer you need. You can find more about this in the documentation below (see step 4).
  3. Exceptions — There are some situations where you don’t want to make a profile private of users within the same company, and other times you may want to enable those privacy settings if you are building a "dept" of users who will work together as a "company" in activeCollab but you want to keep some of the other contact information private still. These exceptions allow you to customize that "internal company" experience by either allowing a specific role to see other users in their company without privacy or forcing privacy even within the "company" itself. You can also limit a default Client Company Manager role from having access to update profiles within their company or the company profile itself —- something not available withing aC itself if you also need that user to receive invoices and/or add new people. This prevents your Client Company Manager’s from changing any information especially those that might be visible to other users like Avatars, Names, and Email addresses, while keeping the permissions that are essential to getting paid :)

User Profile — Before Team Privacy

  1. Company Name in Bread Crumbs — This will be replaced with the Company Alias when entered to hide the company info in the People and Company pages
  2. Company Name in Profile – This section will be removed to take the focus off the Company Name when privacy is selected
  3. Contact Info — Email address, Work Number, Mobile Number, Skype/AIM/Etc are all removed independently based on your privacy selection, to keep contact info private yet flexible.
  4. Local Time – In situations where your team or users are in other parts of the world and you would prefer not to make this information readily available — it’s important to also hide the local time zone information, when you set Local Time to private we keep the "Last Visit" time visible as this is shown in the Logged In user’s time zone and helps to show when the user was last active but doesn’t disclose the time zone differences. Allowing you to still keep the time zone information available for the benefit of those who need to see it without compromising the privacy of your team.
  5. Options Menu – Team Privacy will remove the Update Profile link from the Options menu if selected for a specific role to prevent a user from changing their profile to compromise privacy or professionalism (i.e. inappropriate avatar)
  6. Update Profile – As mentioned in #4, this also removes the Update Profile link from the side menu for the same reasons.

User Profile – After Team Privacy

  1. Company Name in Breadcrumbs — This is replaced with the Alias name if entered (Remember you can also disable access to these profiles 100%)
  2. Contact Information is Hidden – Only the Last Visit time is shown in the Logged In user’s time zone, so as not to disclose any location based info about the user. (This display shows the most private settings, you can turn on any settings like Skype ID, Local Time Zone, etc if you want for each role).
  3. Options Menu – Update Profile is removed from this menu when a user is accessing their own profile or the profile of someone in the same company (If they have the Client Manager configuration).
  4. Update Profile – This link is removed from the side tabs, similar to the Options Menu mentioned above
  5. Avatars – Users avatars will not be visible on profiles for Roles you’ve selected to hide avatars from, instead they will see the default activeCollab avatar.

Please note: This is an example of the most private settings for Team Privacy, you can create your own levels of privacy for each Role by toggling each item to visible or private using the Team Privacy > Admin screen.

People Tab in Projects – Before Team Privacy

  1. People Tab in Top Navigation – This Tab will disappear when you toggle the visibility of this feature in the Feature Privacy area for their Role, and also by default when choosing to hide the Company name from users with that role.
  2. People Tab in Projects – This Tab will disappear as well when you toggle the visibility of this feature in the Feature Privacy area for their Role, and also by default when choosing to hide the Company name from users with that role. Once you’ve added an Alias to each company you’d like to make private you can renable the People Tab in Projects
  3. People in Breadcrumbs — This is also disabled so that when a user clicks this link you receive the error message about about permissions
  4. Company Name — This area of the People Tab in Projects much like all areas that show the company name will show the Alias Name as the Company Name for users where the Company Name has been made private to them. To setup an Alias for a company, visit their Company profile as an Admin or Project Manager and enter the Alias you’d like to be seen by users who the company name will be hidden from… i.e. examples of potential alias’ might be Developers, Dept Name, Team ABC, etc
  5. Email Address — Email references will disappear from view for Roles where privacy on others email addresses has been selected.

People Tab in Project Tabs — With Team Privacy for Email & Company Name Privacy

  1. People Tab in the Top Navigation – This is turned off to prevent the Global Access to People
  2. People Tab in Projects — Keeping this enabled allows your team, vendors and clients to see who’s part of this project at any time but keeps information like Email address, Company Name private
  3. Company Name – In this scenario Company Name is replaced by the Alias Name for the companies in the Project. i.e New Company 01 shows up to this user as Alias01 because the Company Name has been made private because of the logged in users Role.
  4. Email Address — The reference to the email address is removed completely from this view, keeping the focus on communication in activeCollab
  5. Company Name for Owner Company — Most likely you’ll want the Company Name of your Owner Company to show the same to all users, but we’ve given you the option to hide this is preferred — if you enter an Alias it will show here, or you can enter your company name as the Alias to maintain the same company name for both users with Team Privacy and Standard Visibility.

Project view with People Tabs and Email Addresses marked as private

  1. People Button — The People option in Navigation is no longer showing for this Role because we’ve marked it in Team Privacy with the stop sign icon to be private
  2. People Tab in Projects — This is no longer showing either because we’ve marked this as private too
  3. Email Address Privacy – Keep in mind if your goal is to make the email address private, you need at least a First Name entered for Team Privacy to make this private in all areas.
  4. No Access to the People Tab – You wont see the other information from the screenshot above because users will no longer have access to the People Tab in projects view they will get the same error message above if they have that page bookmarked

Customizable Message for those without Permission to Private areas

  1. Customizable Message for Team Privacy — In the Admin > Team Privacy area you’ll have the opportunity to enter a customized message to tell your users the area they have tried to access is private — i.e. if they click on a user name, company name, or guess at the url to the People tabs, etc they will by default receive this message "Sorry, you do not have permission to view the requested page"