Introducing the new and improved Tabinator Pro

The new Tabinator Pro Overview

First we’ll take a look at the new Tabinator Pro features by reviewing the features in one quick overview….

  1. Config Tab (a.k.a. + tab) – When it comes to configuring Tabinator Pro your personal settings have been improved with several new enhancements that are accessible in the same way via the + tab on your activeCollab Dashboard.
  2. Show Tab? — Now easily toggle on/off any of your tabs using the "show?" column, this allows you to keep tabs in your configuration but turn them off without losing previous settings.
  3. This Week / Next Week tabs —- Two of our most popular tabs have been enhanced with new filtering options to choose whether to include late items (This Week Only), items you’ve created, and just items you are personally assigned or responsible for.
  4. Filter Tabs — add unlimited Filter Tabs to your Dashboard by using the Add New Filter Tab button to create additional Filter Tabs — all tabs also have Drag and Drop support in the + Tab configuration to fully customize your Dashboard experience.
  5. URL Tabs – Now are also unlimited, and can be placed in any order on the Dashboard, with a new bonus configuration in the Tabinator Pro admin area for customizing the size of the Tab’s iframe to best fit your activeCollab theme
  6. Default Tab – One of our favorite new features, proving that simple changes can make a big difference — you can now set any of your tabs as the default tab to open when reloading your Dashboard, allowing you to keep the most relevant info front and center when you login each time.
  7. Hide When Empty — Flexibility is key especially as your selection of Tabs on the Dashboard begin to grow, now you have the option to hide empty tabs dynamically — this was previously the default function for the New/Updated tab in activeCollab but now you can also apply this to your own Filter tabs having them appear only when there are items relevant to your filter — a great space saving feature!
  8. Color Indicators — Tired of the bright red indicator on your Late/Today tab, now you can choose your own colors for any tab indicator both on default tabs and custom Filter Tabs — inspired by our friends and fellow Tabinator Pro users at, Thanks guys!
  9. Role Management – we’ve expanded the Admin > Tabinator Pro features to include simple Role Management features to quickly create a base + Tab configuration for your activeCollab users globally or based on System Roles. i.e. Choose the best default tab for your clients on Login, turn off any tabs they might find confusing and add a custom filter that shows them what’s coming up this week in their project (or make your own custom URL or Filter tab, to show them the things you feel are more important). More on the Tabinator Pro Admin area below.

Tabinator Pro in Action

  1. Color indicators — now allow you to create your own custom Filter tab and set the indicator color — and as you see here you can set colors on existing tabs as well, i..e Red or Green to draw attention to specific tabs and status info.
  2. Default Tab — allows you to configure which tab will show up active when you reload the Dashboard
  3. URL Tab — New Refresh icon added to easily refresh the content of your URL tabs
  4. Basic Action items — added to allow users to take action on items from the Dashboard. (For more advanced features to take action on Tickets & Tasks right from the Dashboard check out our popular module Quickify)

Tabinator Pro’s Admin Area

  1. General Options – Set the tab limit for your all users, this is set to 8 tabs by default to prevent users from breaking the default theme — if you are using the Wider or Modern or a custom theme feel free to increase this tab limit from 8 to… any number! Tabinator Pro is designed to "fail gracefully" in that if the number of tabs exceeds the width of the Dashboard area, it will wrap additional tabs to the next line. We have some users with 3 rows of tabs allowing them to quickly view any information setup in Custom Filter and URL tabs. Here you can also set the height of the iframe for URL tabs, this is a global setting to match the height of your theme — the width will automatically take up 100% of the space available to it in your theme.
  2. Default Options – This area allows you to set a base configuration for all users and roles at one time — great for a Quick Start configuration of Tabinator Pro. You can start here and then customize per role using the settings in #3 or jump straight to #3 to configure each role separately.
  3. Default Options Per Role — Great for configuring power user settings for your Administrators or minimizing tab configurations for Members and Clients, these are the base settings — users can still customize their settings using the + Tab at anytime.
  4. Edit Options — Use the Edit icon to configure these settings, you’ll also see an X option next to the Edit icon to delete any role based settings to reset to the default.
  5. Export / Import — Save your tab settings prior to install/uninstall to allow for retaining previous settings, also helpful if you want to try some new configurations without losing your previous setup.