Step 1.  Extract Files and Upload

Please extract the zip file for your purchase and upload the following folders to your root activeCollab directory:


Please be sure to upload the files within your activeCollab folder. Thanks to activeCollab’s modular approach, no core files will need to be overwritten during installation.

Step 2. Install

1. Login to your activeCollab installation as an administrator.
2. Go to Admin > Modules.
3. Click on Tabinator in the list of available modules.
4. Next click on the Install button. A test will be performed to ensure Tabinator is ready to install, when the test passes — click Install Tabinator Module.
5. Tabinator is now installed, visit the Dashboard to see your new Tabinator tabs in action.  For Tabinator, you’ll see This Week, Next Week tabs.  For Tabinator Pro users, you’ll see This Week and a new [+]tab to configure your Tabinator Pro setup for you profile.
6. Installation is Complete!

Step 3. Configuration (Tabinator Pro Users Only)


For Tabinator Pro users, all tabs aren’t visible by default. To enable them follow the instructions below:

1. Go to Admin > Other > Tabinator Pro
2. Define how many Tabinator tabs your theme can support.  Hint: The default activeCollab theme only supports 5 tabs.

We recommend a setting of 8 tabs, which works perfectly with the Modern theme from CreativeWorld available here:

Also available from CreativeWorld the free ACCESS theme, that works well with Tabinator.

Or Download our modified default activeCollab theme for free at

3. Once you’ve defined the number of Tabs you prefer users to be able to enable, you can set the Default Visibility of tabs i.e. Which tabs show up automatically for users on first login after installing Tabinator Pro.

The default setting enables the This Week tab for all System Roles along with the + Tab for Tabinator Configuration specific to their profile.

4.  To change your default, use the checkboxes to decide which tabs should be enabled and click save. i.e. Place a Checkbox in the Next Week box for all user types to enable Next Week for all users by default

(Please note: If default visibility is not enabled users can still access the + tab to add their own Next Week, and other preferred tabs – these setting control what tabs appear by default for the users.