Step 1.  Extract Files and Upload

Please extract the zip file for your purchase and upload the following folders to your root activeCollab directory:


Please be sure to upload the files within your activeCollab folder. Thanks to activeCollab’s modular approach, no core files will need to be overwritten during installation.

Step 2. Install


  1. Login to your activeCollab installation as an administrator.
  2. Go to Admin > Modules.
  3. Click on Cloud Backup in the list of available modules.
  4. Next click on the Install button. A test will be performed to ensure Cloud Backup is ready to install, when the test passes — click Install Cloud Backup Module.
  5. Installation is Complete!

Step 3. Setup your Cloud Backup Module


To start using your new features, browse back to the Admin area of your activeCollab installation and look for Cloud Backup under the System heading.

What you’ll need:

An Amazon Web Services account (It’s Free) — this is a Cloud Storage service by the industry leaders at  To help new AWS customers get started in the cloud, AWS is introduced a new free usage tier.  New AWS customers will be able to leverage a new free usage tier for Amazon S3 of up to 5GB of storage per month and 30 GB of transfer.  Learn more at Amazon Web Services Website —

After the 12 months, it’s still VERY AFFORDABLE at approx 15 cents per GB of storage — during your free 12 months, you can optimize your backup schedule to get the best value for your needs.   We assure you, the cost of backing up is MUCH more affordable than replacing the valuable data and the hefty fee charged to your client’s trust when you have to break the news to them that your files are gone.

Access Keys

During the setup of your Cloud Backup we’ll ask for your Amazon S3 Access Keys — watch the Installation Instructions video below to learn more.


Remote FTP Account

Also available you can create your own “cloud” using the Remote FTP Backup option and any FTP location.

For this you will need the host address, username and password of the ftp location that you’d like to use for this purpose.   As each FTP location will have it’s own space limitations and potential bandwidth/transfer limits we highly recommend the Amazon Web Services option instead but the Remote FTP Account is a solid alternative if you are sure of your limits.

That’s it!

Step 1.  Login to your activeCollab, go to Admin > Cloud Backup and enter your preferred backup schedule from daily, weekly, to monthly — and select the number of backups you’d like to keep stored in the cloud (i.e. do you want the last 3 backups for security — not just the last backup?).

Step 2.  Enter your Amazon Web Services Access Keys or Remote FTP Login Information (see video for more detailed instructions).

Step 3.  Enter your email address and enable the Email Notification option.

Step 4.  Save your settings and Backup Now.  Why wait for your schedule to start? Get that first backup started right away!

Step 5.  Watch your inbox later that day, depending on the size of your backup and the speed of your connection — you’ll receive an email notification from Cloud Backup to let you know that your backup was completed successfully.   Don’t worry, if for some reason your backup does not complete successfully — you’ll receive a notification too with some information to help you resolve the problem and ensure your data is safe in the Cloud.

Step 6.  Take a deep breath, and enjoy the security of knowing all your irreplaceable activeCollab data is backed up to the Cloud!  And it will be waiting there if you need it, let’s hope you don’t! But if you do… you’ll be up and running again in no time.