Who are these guys at ActiveLabs?

We started out as activeCollab users, just like You.
We’re also always looking to improve. We can’t help it—it’s in our nature.

After working with activeCollab in our own business, we became enthralled with how it works, and how it made our business function and perform better. As we used it, we started noticing some things that could work even better for our business.

Fortunately, activeCollab was flexible. Its options gave us room for improvement.

Once we knew the magnitude of its flexibility, the possibilities became clear. activeCollab could help our clients too!

Our modules and products started out of our needs for wanting more from this system, but the window it opened was so much greater. With its huge capacity to be tweaked and adapted, the potential for streamlining workflow—specifically for a businesses’ needs—was endless.

Today, we help companies set up their workflow with activeCollab. With client coaching, doing workflow consulting, creating custom solutions, developing complex integrations, adding on to existing modules, and – Active Labs has been able to share our passion with others— and they too are becoming thrilled with activeCollab’s possibilities.


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